Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas time. :)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun is here to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Hey! ;))

A very Merry Christmas to all of you guys! ;)
Sorry guys if I'm not be able to blog for the whole Christmas vacation. I think enjoyed my mom's MANGO FLOAT too much. :P Our family will now celebrate the true essence of Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Let's eat our noche buenas! LOL. :)) Ciao. ;D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time passes by.

Now Playing: Fireflies by Owl City
"I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly..."

I love this song!
It just reminds me of something. Haha! Or it's just that year 2009 is going to end. Anyway, I'm still lazy and kinda crazy because I can't move-on about what happen awhile ago at school. :))) Ohwell, just updating my stupid and boring blog. >:D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After the months of preparation, we successfully won over the second year students with our prestigious presention.
Aristotle's currently shining on the spotlight! \m/ But still, we need to repair our props & practice our play because of the culminating activity on Friday. Thanks to that boring 'ol Trash Trophy. That's where our luck started. We also won first place. :)

That's all. Just updating my stupid blog!

--goodbyes with the colors of love,
Patricia. ♥

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Growth Rings


The arc lines of life
Grow in layers imprisoned within the bark,
With a seed at the circle’s center,
Rings spreading like ripples across the lake.
In the end they are set hard by the chain-saw’s incision.
No sighing , no growing, silence.
Yet the annulations have not been erased,
Like a cerebrum,
Everything that has been experienced has stored in these whorls
Though they can neither sing nor tell tales.
The rain’s moisture, the snow’s caress
The chirping from the bird’s nests in the branches,
The roar of thunder and lightning overhead,
The black bear’s embrace, the woodpecker’s kiss.
And more, much more…
Memories like air, melodies like springs,
But there is only silence.
As the glade rotates, it spins the record around
If only there were a needle,
Which by tracking the grooves
Could excavate, resuscitate
The song of life that should not be silent.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reaching for Rainbows

Reaching for Rainbows

If we don't ever take chances,
we don't reach the rainbows.
If we don't ever search,
we'll never be able to find.
If we don't attempt to get over our doubts & fears,
we'll never discover how wonderful it is to live without them.
If we don't go beyond difficulty,
we won't grow any stronger.
If we don't keep our dreams alive,
we won't have our dreams any longer.
if we can take a chance now & then,
seek & search, discover & dream,
grow & go through each day
with the knowledge that
we can only take as much as we can give,
& we can only get as much out of life
as we allow ourselves to live...
we can be truly happy.
We can realize a dream or two along the way,
& we can make a habit of reaching out for rainbows
& coloring our lives with wonderful days.

note to self: never give up until you reach your dream. :]]
-- broad minded. :P

Monday, May 25, 2009


Weee! Whoa, that was too fast! I can't believe it myself... that I'm already a SOPHOMORE student! Haha. I'm already enrolled and I belong to II - Aristotle. I miss Dalton, very much. Well, here's a list of my batch.

ARISTOTLE -- my new folks. ♥
Room 312
Adviser: T. Kathryn


1. Bainco, James Kevin
2. Bergardo, Keno Matthew
3. Concepcion, Jonathan
4. De Leon, Jerome
5. Dela Cruz, Michael Ray
6. Doronila, Von Vacil
7. Figueroa, Daniel
8. Kurachi, Hiro
9. Loredo, Jerome
10. Masigan, Juan Paulo
11. Pantua, Dan Joseph
12. Rada, Alden Zebedih
13. Rodriguez, Lois Gabriel
14. Sutacio, Jerome
15. Teodosio, Gideon Aron
16. Tubon, Jhomer


1. Agas, Sherilyn
2. Briones, Celine Ysabel
3. Candelaria, Kristine Anne
4. Cueto, Joanne
5. Dominguez, Jeralyn
6. Garcia, Mary Grace
7. Garcia, Sayuri
8. Gonzales, Jasmine Louise
9. Jimenez, Maria Kriselda
10. Martinez, Maria Carmela
11. Miranda, Bianca Marisse
12. Policarpio, Mary Ericka
13. Reyes, Patricia Louise
14. Salapantan, Abegail
15. Sicadsicad, Mary Catherine
16. Tamin, Beatrice
17. Villamil, Alyssa
18. Villanueva, Lyza Denise

Room 311
Adviser: Sir Glenn


1. Alvarado, Vincent Max
2. Azurin, Wilson John
3. Celino, Joseph
4. De Jesus, Mark Angelo
5. De Leon, Jeremy
6. Feliciano, Kevin Dominic
7. Hernandez, Marc
8. Javier, Miguelle Giorelle
9. Mercader, Dhyrell Shaine
10. Mortel, Jhon Argie
11. Ochoa, Brian Jason
12. Salvacion, Giel Tristan
13. Tuppal, Rodel Christian
14. Ubaldo, Wrenzo Jamin


1. Alcausin, Denise Anne
2. Dayot, Angelica Rose
3. De Guzman, Jenine Ericka
4. Del Villar, Majarael Elizah
5. Domingo, Ma. Yzabel
6. Eusebio, Gladys Joi
7. Factoran, Ana Chustin
8. Flores, Caryl Marian
9. Hipol, Bernadine Nicole
10. Laforteza, Caitlin Mae
11. Lavarias, Karissa Mae
12. Marual, Wednesday
13. Muyot, Francine
14. Reyes, Czarina Mae
15. Rosete, Rollyn Rochelle
16. Sagum, Annaflor Jovy
17. Salvador, Kaye
18. Sarile, Almira Flor
19. Victoriano, Joana Paula
20. Villanueva, Addrienne Kate
21. Wong, Clarence Jorelle

Room 301
Adviser: T. Michelle


1. Accad, Lorenzo
2. Angeles, Exzekel Immanuel
3. Banagua, James
4. Capito, Rommuel Kristian
5. De Luna, Joshua Kevin
6. De Vera, John Mark
7. Estaura, Juan Paulo
8. Francisco, Jen Riel
9. Lasquites, Roger
10. Lucero, Jeffrey
11. Nagallo, Ralph John
12. Opellanio, Juan Priolo
13. Pinlac, Dean
14. Tañaquin, Aristotle
15. Vergara, Julysse


1. Almeda, Anne Margarette
2. Cadiz, Renarose Angela
3. Camarines, Patriz
4. Capa, Michaela
5. Custodio, Corinne Ena
6. Dalwatan, Marycris
7. Endozo, Maria Crisselda
8. Eugenio, Sayuri
9. Fullero, Gerrie Lou
10. Guerrero, Rich Dyan
11. Leobrera, Krystel Danica
12. Manimtim, Frances Bianca
13. Marica, Giannina
14. Medina, Alexandra
15. Mortel, Merey Consuelo
16. Ng, Rizza Claire
17. Quintans, Christine
18. Romey, Djoanna Paula
19. Santiago, Janet Anne

Room 313
Adviser: T. Roda


1. Azores, Mico Jon
2. Carnaje, Aldrin Ezekiel
3. Espino, Reggie
4. Gonzales, Louis Marie Bernabe
5. Macayan, Justine Raymund
6. Manibo, Grench Ariez
7. Mendoza, Renz Louis
8. Pepito, Johnly
9. Quilao, John Francis
10. Reyes, Kylle Justin
11. Sabillo, Kristoffer Joseph
12. Sarmiento, Arden John
13. Torres, Joseph Rosh
14. Valenzuela, Jonathan Seth


1. Abadines, Kayla Louise
2. Alegre, Eunice Anne
3. Bello, Nerissa
4. Bernal, Emalyn Malotte
5. Caronongan, Christelle Grace
6. Dising, Maureen Joy
7. Dollente, Renee Fel
8. Esto, Jennielly
9. Figueroa, Ludee Gem
10. Gatan, Karyl
11. Gayapa, Hannah Daryl
12. Ibale, Inah Patricia
13. Jimenez, Rhiza Ysabel
14. Lleno, Mikee Clarice
15. Mijares, Ruth Abigail
16. Omanan, Roxanne Mae
17. Omido, Dorothy Joyce
18. Perlas, Marianne
19. Ramchand, Krishna
20. Serqueña, Amielle Vianca
21. Uy, Ma. Elizabeth Ann

That's all! Whew. Well, I'm contented where I belong now. But when I was still a freshman student, I expect to be in Mendel but that's okay. I shouldn't expect for more because maybe I get sad when I fail to achieve that expectation, right? ;D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Care to watch?

Just click it, and you'll be crazy with the boy thingies. Fantasy arises when boys are being like that, right? =))