Thursday, April 15, 2010

He came back with his heart.

"We all do things we desperately wish we could undo. Those regrets just become part of who we are, along with everything else. To spend time trying to change that, well, it’s like chasing clouds."
Hey'errr! The quote there is definitely true. That's why I put it there because there's a purpose and same thing have a reason, you know. I really appreciate those small things because it makes us stronger. Moving on is the only way to make your way to happiness, again. :)

Yipee! I'm now having enough energy to be happy again. I found the cause.. and we are the effect. Get it? I'm confused too. :)) Btw, I watched glee (season 2) yesterday. It was more thrilling than before. And.. more great songs, new relationships? Haha. Really awesomeee! \m/

Oh, dad told us that we'll have our summer vacation at Davao, not sure. And f*ck, my karma at plurk went down, down, down.. until it reached 0.00 karma! Imma such a dumb and lazy person. Oh, currently searching for a blogskin. Please suggest one? ;)

That's all for now. ;D

-- goodbyes with the colors of love,
Patricia. ♥

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