Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farewell, happiness.

Teardrops starts to fall when there is the presence of sadness. Yet, you're still there, standing beside me.
Poof! I went to school a while ago, because our teacher told us to decorate our classroom for the upcoming farewell party. Actually, we do NOTHING but to stare each other's faces. :)) Just kidding, yoo. What I mean is we will surely miss each other.

Time really runs fast, huh? After all, the kalokohan moments of us will never be forgotten and I assure that, no one would ever be regretful. It's a bit weird because I just realized that everytime the school year starts, we beg to finish it. Pretty cool! :")

Oh, we also had our gala a while ago, btw. ;) So I went with MG, her sister, Hazel, and ate Faith to Mc Donald's! We had our lunch there, as well. We saw some graduating students there. And our next destination was ecopark, near SJEI. It was the worst part!

Gaaack! We watched 2012 at MG's house. It was unpredictable, and scary. I was shivering because of fear! I don't want this to happen in reality and I was hallucinating. Oh, before I forget, John Cusack is so HOOOT! I love him, for now. :"> LOL. ~

That's all for now. GTG! ;)

-- goodbyes with the colors of love,
Patricia. ♥

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