Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is full of fun.

Hey`errr, blog! You know what, something triggers on my happy hormones right now. LOL. ~ :]]
This day turned out to be what I've expected. It was full of adventure, happiness and energy! Haha. Oh, btw, I can't believe it myself, I won the best in arts in our class! Isn't that unbelievable? So freakish, yeah? Teehee! ;))

We had our gala again after the party. Commuted with ate Tamara, Elizabeth and MG to SM Molino! We ate our lunch at Chowking. I ordered my fave dish, fish fillet with sour cream! Yipee. It made my day so purrrfect. Yummy! ;)

Ohayoo! Meet my friend, Graceyyy. :P

Haha! What an ugly picture. I look like matakaw there. :)) After eating, we had our window shopping. I saw a cute top at OXYGEN, it cost 600 php. Isn't that expensive? Oh well, I'll just save for it. We also spent our time at Quantum! I had lots of tickets. :3

Whew! That was really tiring. School is over, and now I'm totally bored. I'll surely miss the Aristotle class. OHMYGOSH? Tomorrow, I'm already 14 years old, living in this planet Earth! Yihee. Crazy things goes my way right now. So I'll start my countdown, today! :)

Before I forget, I want to thank ate Tamara for the wonderful shirt from UST you gave to me. I really like it very much. \m/ Oh, I'm gonna miss my folks. :( GTG! I have lots of stuffs to do and we will be having our countdown for my birthday. LOL. :))

Happy 14th birthday to me. ILY myself! ;)

-- goodbyes with the colors of love,
Patricia. ♥

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